Why do we translate ?

Existence of media is because of awareness and transferring the knowledge.In Addition, the pace of transferring these knowledges is far more important than itself.We have many kinds of media such as television, newspaper, internet and etc.One of the impotant parts of a media is its language.And also the different types of media have their own languages in around the globe.

As we know English is the international language because of that most and best media communicate with it and others translate the news or articles into their native languages.The reason we translate those thing is the majority of people do not know English but they have rights to know the newest news and articles in their own native languages.

It is not needed all of people know English but It is needed to be aware.Consequently, the duty of a translater is make people aware of pure knowledge with maximum pace.

BTW, I am not a translator but sometimes i feel i have to translate one thing that i am passionate about it.

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